What Is EB-5?

The  EB-5 immigrant investor program gives you the easiest route to visa residency in the United States: There’s no sponsor
required, no special language, education or business experience requirements and no restrictions of movement.

To qualify, the immigrant investor must have the potential to invest at least $900,000 in a designated Targeted Employment Area (TEA).


As an  EB-5 investor you receive:
          • The right to live, work, study or build a business anywhere in the United States

          • Permanent Residency for your immediate family, including dependent children under the age of 21

          • Access to the finest educational institutions, medical facilities and social programs - at the same cost as a United States citizen

          • The opportunity to become a full United States citizen in only 5 years

          • Visa-free travel to over 160 countries

The economic and political security provided by the program
and the ability to apply for an EB-5 visa immediately, make it
an ideal program for those with financial means who desire
USA permanent residency and a Green Card.

The EB-5 program is a phenomenal example of America’s
modern approach of inviting foreign citizens to live and work
in the USA freely. It gives smart, motivated individuals the
opportunity to engage in projects that enhance the USA
communities while enjoying guaranteed ownership, increased
security, property rights and protection of assets.


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